Principal’s welcome speech to first years 2017/2018

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Fri, 2017-01-13 07:47
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Multi Purpose Hall

(Prof. Akala addresses students)


In the week of 9th-13th January 2017; The College of Education and External Studies has organized a series of events to orient incoming first years to the College as well the University of Nairobi.

On Wednesday, January 11, 2017; the College Principal Prof. Isaac Jumba and the Dean, School of Education Prof. Winston Akala addressed the over 400 freshmen who are registered to pursue various Bachelors degree programmes for the next 4 years.

The Principal’s address to first years is an important event held every time new students join the College. The session provides an opportunity for the freshers’ to meet the College management, faculty and staff as well as learn more about the college and the rich history of the University of Nairobi.

Prof. Jumba began his speech by welcoming the freshers’ to the College of Education and External Studies and congratulating them for having met the requirements to join the leading University in East and Central Africa. He outlined the history of the College as well as pointed out the milestones the College and the University of Nairobi has achieved over the years. The Principal spoke at length about the vast opportunities the College presents to the new students not only in their academic journey but also in social development. He urged all students to take advantage of everything the University has to offer and also cautioned against enaging in violence, exam cheating and Political and tribal debates. The Principal shared various humorous anecdotes of the challenges students are more than likely to encounter in the course of their studies; and encouraged them to meet them to rise above the challenges by remaining focused on the main goal which is to graduate in record time of 4 years as is expected.

(Inspector James address)

The Principal invited Inspector James Dawai; based at Kikuyu Police station to address the students. The inspector largely focused on the vices students have been known to engage in. His advice to students was “the university has excess freedom and you will be tempted to try things you did not try in your village like drugs, alcohol and fighting; if you are caught committing a crime you will be arrested” his parting shot advised the students to follow the rules of the University as well as the law of the land. 

(Prof. Akala's address)

Prof Akala; The Dean School of Education also echoed similar sentiments shared by the College Principal and the inspector. He congratulated the students for having made it to the University and also promised to work with students in the course of their studies. He advised students to work hard, to attend all classes as well as get involved in extracurricular in the College. “The university has strict rules when it comes to cheating in exams. Anyone caught cheating will be expelled from the University of Nairobi”. The dean also introduced Staff from the School that will mainly work directly with students in the course of their studies.

During the events all chairmen of Departments were asked to give a brief on their departments as well as welcome the students. Present during the event were Prof. Odundo; Chairman of Department of Educational Communication and Technology, Dr. Kalai, Chairman; Department of Educational Administration and Planning, Dr. Munayi, Ag. Chairman; Department of Physical Education and Sports and Mr. Isaac Muasya, Chairman; Department of Educational Foundations.

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Fri, 2017-01-13 07:47

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