UoN marks the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2016

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Date and time: 
Mon, 2016-06-27 10:19
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Kikuyu Campus

(Pictured: procession of students and staff led by College principal Prof. Jumba)


To mark the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2016; the University of Nairobi organized a major 1 day event that was hosted at the College of Education and External Studies (CEES)-Kikuyu Campus. The event targeted students and staff from the 6 Colleges that constititute the University of Nairobi. The theme of the day was “Let's Develop Our Lives and Our Communities Without Drugs"

The event was presided over by the College Principal; Prof. Isaac Jumba who also read a speech on behalf of the Vice Chancellor. The major highlights of the day were:

  • Procession from the Junction to Kikuyu Hospital to Kikuyu campus grounds. The Principal flagged off a team of students, staff, local community accompanied by the Police Administration band.
  • Entertainment from various students groups.
  • Voluntary drug testing, HIV testing and Counseling.
  • Real life stories shared by students recovering from alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Performances by local musicians

The Principal urged staff and students to join the University’s efforts to curb rampant drug abuse among students and staff. He also highlighted the numerous resources that are available to students/staff in need of rehabilitation services.

The University has strengthened efforts to address the issue of drug and alcohol abuse among staff and students. This has seen the University develop the University of Nairobi Alcohol and drug abuse sensitization 2015/2016 policy statement that applies to both staff and students. The University has also invested resources in an effort to provide psychosocial support to members and organize Alcohol and Drug abuse seminars.

Facts about the University of Nairobi’s anti drug campaign:

- That the University of Nairobi has set up Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA)sub units in every campus. The ADA coordinator can be reached on 0783 189 470.

- That the ADA sub units have members of staff that are accessible to students and staffs. They include staff from the Office of the Dean of Students, Principal’s office, Registrars, Custodians, Campus security and Peer Counselors.

- That the University of Nairobi has a functioning Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) and Student Assistance Programmes (SAP).  The coordinator of this programme can be reach at the University Health Services.

- That there are trained psychologists, counselors and chaplains/pastors who can handle Drug Abuse cases discreetly.

The event was attended by Chief Medical Officer Dr. B. Otieno, Department heads, staff and students of the University of Nairobi and members of the local community.

The world observes the International Day against drug abuse and Illicit trafficking on the 26th June 2016. Such days are organized to raise awareness about drug and alcohol abuse.

(flag off: Processionto Kikuyu campus grounds)


(students during the procession)


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