An Evaluation of the Impact of Community Support Grants on the Development of Early Childhood Education, In Kiambu District, Kenya

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A key objective of Sessional Paper no. 1 of 2005 entitled, ‘Policy Framework for Education, Training and
Research’ is to enhance access, equity and quality of education at all levels by 2010. The government is
committed in enhancing this by provision of Community Support Grant to some selected ECDE centres
across the country. CSG a KESSP programme was scheduled to run from 2005-2010. Since the year this
study was carried was 2010 it was therefore urgent to find out the success and challenges of CSG project
on the ground. This study conducted in Kiambu district sorted to evaluate the impact of Community
Support Grants in the ECDE centres. The literature review outlines access, quality, equity and funding of
the ECDE programme in Kenya. The theoretical framework borrows from Non profit finance theory and
in particular uses subsidy theory and affordability models of the same. The target population of the study
was 42 public ECDE centres, ECDE head teachers, teachers and the DICECE Programme Officer. 16
teachers, 16 head teachers and the Programme Officer were used in the study. The public ECDE centres
were divided into two categories, those that benefited from CSG and those that had not. The sampling
technique used was Stratified Random Sampling. This enabled easy management of data and drawing of
general conclusion on the problem under study. The

Wanjohi Eunice Wanjiku

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