DVC(SA) Prof. Isaac Mbeche meets with CEES Student Leaders

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Sun, 2016-05-15 12:35
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Deputy Vice chancellor, student affairs Prof. Isaac Mbeche together with director, Student welfare authority (SWA) Dr. R. Lugwe held a consultative meeting with the college management and Cees student leaders to follow up and discuss on ways on how to improve the welfare of the students living in the halls of residence after a directive that was issued by the University management that prohibits students from cooking in halls. The hostels were not structurally designed to accommodate cooking in the rooms as it overloads the power system and exposes the students and the halls to extreme danger.The Kenya Power Company has severally sent advisories to the University on the dangers of students cooking in the halls. The Univesity will ensure their is sufficent food in the dining halls and cafeterias at affordable price that will enable students to seize from cooking in the halls.


DVC Students Affairs, College principal and Registrar during a meeting with CEES Student Leaders


The students who were recalled back recently following the demonstrations held back in April after the disputed SONU elections that led to the closure of the University by the Management.

The Meeting chaired by the Prof. Isaac Mbeche was a follow up on the regulation set were being followed and to assure the students that plans were in place to improve their hospitality within the campus. The student leaders requested the management to improve on facilities and services offered within the campus that will enhance peace of mind for students for students residing within the campus.

Present during the meeting were: College Principal Prof. Isaac Jumba, College register Mrs. Miriam Manya, Security offices, Halls Officers, Custodians, Cateress among other administrative members of staff.

CEES Students Leaders listening keenly 


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