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The Kikuyu Campus Christian Union hereby abbreviated K.C.C.U, is a  Christian union of the University of Nairobi, College of Education and External Studies (CESS). The Union is non-denominational, non-political and non-profit making organisation with the mandate to fulfil the great commission as in Mark 16: 15-18.

The union aims at:

  1. Strengthening spiritual lives of individual members through studying the bible, prayer and Christian fellowship.
  2. Witnessing about the lord Jesus and seeking to lead others to a personal faith in Him.
  3. Encouraging responsible church membership.

KCCU is affiliated to fellowship of Christian union in all university and colleges in Kenya. Focus in turn is affiliated to international Fellowship of Evangelical students (IFES).

It is therefore in pursuit of aims that KCCU has taken up the role and responsibility as a Christian in shaping and transforming the society into a God-fearing nation through biblical teaching and practice.


City of Peace and Righteousness that upholds unity in diversity through true Christian fellowship


To build a family that fears God and upholds the love of God by encouraging existence of members as one body in Christ and reaching out to the non-believers within and beyond.

  • AIMS

The aims of the Union shall be non-political, non-denominational and non-profit and shall be as follows:

  • Discipleship

To deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of its members by the study of the Bible, prayer and Christian fellowship

  • Evangelism

To witness in word and deed of the Lord incarnate and seek to lead others to a personal faith.

  • Mission work

To share in the life and service of the church by encouraging Union members towards practical involvement in the same, according to their calling, gifting and training.

  • Leadership Development

To equip the Union members through modelling and mentorship towards personal responsibility and communal stewardship so as to become fruitful leaders of positive influence.



In 1988 Kikuyu Campus Christian Union was established. Before then members used to fellowship at Main Campus University of Nairobi.  Generations have come and gone. Transitions have come and gone. The following is a list of chairpersons since 1996 to date:

Noah Muthui                      1996-1997

Fredrick Kiogora                1997-1998

Amos Wanyiri                     1998-1999

Evans Ngigi                        1999-2000

Peter Nduati                        2000-2001


David Maina                        2002-2003

Nairuku John                       2003-2004


Godfrey Wesa                      2005-2006

Maurice Okoth                     2006-2007

Joel Mutea                           2007-2009

Sum Evans                          2008-2009

Victor Onyango                    2009-2010

 Joseph Osobolo                  2010-2011

Abraham Okumba                2011-2012

Innocent Kyama                   2012-2013

Leonard Too                         2013-2014


Previous Activities

Bear with our inability to find out the chairpersons from 1988 when the KCCU began. There have been 11 members of the Executive council until recently when 2 more were added to make the number 13. KCCU got a patron named Dr. Gakunga D. K in 2007. On 26th December 1997 at a Londiani mission an Interim Associates Organizing Committee composed of 7 members was formed.  Later on in April 25th 1998 the Executive council then met and with the committee and organized for the first associate Sunday which was held on 13th December 1998 whereby associates were contacted by posting letters to them.  The associates had once planned and attended a mission to Maragua from 24th-28th November 1999

The first tri-annual mission was held in 2005 from 2nd to 8th May to fulfil the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20. Other tri-annual missions have been held henceforth. There have also been annual missions as outlined below:

 1997 -------------Londiani

1998 -------------Makueni

1999 --------------              Nakuru (Dundori and Ngorika)

2005 --------------Garissa



2008---------------Commission 2008,(Shimoni and Msambweni)

2009----------------Msambweni(Shimoni and Msambweni)

2010-----------------Msambweni (Lungalunga and Mamba)

2011---------------- (Commission 2011 at Kabarak University)

2012-----------------Kapenguria (Ortum and Sigor)

Future Activities

This year we are planning to go for Kapenguria 2 as we reach out to Sigor and Lomut while doing follow up at Ortum.

Some of the challenges that that the union has gone through in those early years include interference of the union calendar by frequent students’ chaotic activities such as strikes and riots hence closure of entire university. Another challenge that has persisted is the financial constraints among members and even as a union as well as backsliding of members. Letters used to be sent to invite speakers and so there was a challenge of getting the reply and at times standby speakers had to be given a short notice.

KCCU joined FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian unions) on 28th November 1992. And we even had some students attend commission 1998. Members have been attending conferences organized by FOCUS ever since. In addition stem staffs have been sent to be available to the benefit of the Union.

Where do you see the Union 25 years from now? What are the core values would you want to see 25 years from now and beyond? It’s the desire of all those who have passed through this Union to find it much better than they left it. It’s the desire of all that the associates will be at the forefront in helping to finance some of the major Union activities. Even as we look back and see the faithfulness of the Lord. It’s our responsibility to write the vision of the Christian Union boldly for all to see and run with it. It’s upon us all to visualize a Christian union that’s faithful at handling scripture.   Members with team work, genuine brotherly love among the members and commitment to the great commission that Christ himself mandated us to.


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