A play "Tag a Sponsor"

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The play ‘Tag A Sponsor’ is about the rising popularity of the sugar-daddy mentality among the young female population in the country today, especially campus girls. Sheila, is a student who goes for sugar-daddies (sponsors) despite having a steady and long term relationship with Nick who's sister, Annette, is

Sheila's roommate.

Trouble begins when Nick comes across a receipt for seven month's rent that cannot be explained. His suspicion grows when a Nigerian man, Obbinna

visits Sheila's room. Sheila denies all allegations and suspicions. This is until another man,

Remson, who Sheila claims to be her uncle, comes visiting while Nick is around.

Obbinna comes back again and all three (Nick, Remson and Obbinna) meet in Sheila's room. A fight starts and Nick is killed.

The other men run away leaving the ladies with Nick's body.

The play was written by Leonorah Kwamboka a member of the Free Travelling

Theatre and performed by the Free Travelling Theatre University of Nairobi

Kikuyu Campus.

The play was aimed at educating the society and cautioning them against the

rise of sugar daddies named "Sponsors"

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