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On Monday, 1st August 2016; The College of Education and External Studies will hold a Key Panel Discussion on the “Implications of the basic education curriculum reforms on tertiary education, especially University education in Kenya.”  The event will start at 8.15am at the Education Building, Main Campus. This event is part of a series events scheduled to take place during the 2nd Nairobi Innovation Week (1st -5th august 2016)

Education Building, Main Campus University of Nairobi
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The College of Education and External Studies will be participating in the 2nd Nairobi Innovation week from 1st -5th August 2016. This year’s theme is “Partnerships for innovation that truly impact people and societies”

Staff and students from the College of Education and External Studies will be actively involved in major activities throughout the week- long event.

College activities: Nairobi Innovation Week

  • The first activity is a Key Panel Discussion on “Implications of Curriculum Reforms on University Education.”  This will be held on Monday 1st August 2016 at 8.15 a.m. at the Education Building. The Panel will be facilitated by Dr. Andrew Riechi; a senior Lecturer at School of Education, Department of Educational Administration and Planning.

Great Court- University of Nairobi
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(Fountain of Knowledge: University of Nairobi)


Great Court- University of Nairobi
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Hostel life is considered as an informal education by the University of Nairobi. The out-of-class experience provides an environment favourable for self-learning and maximizes opportunities for social, cultural and extra-curricular involvement. The personal development of students could also be nurtured and supported through living in a community environment. Residents can learn and experiment with developing habits of mind and body that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, Hence the need to keep a healthy environment.


KSC, Students Hall of Residence
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DVC Academic Affairs, Prof Henry Mutoro gives his speech during the opening ceremony of the workshop. Looking on are Prof Digolo, Director CEPA, Prof Aduda, Principal CBPS and Dr. Inyega, Deputy Director CEPA.


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