Mr. Kamau Ndegwa Laban Publications
12017Safety, Immunogenicity, And Cross-species Protection Of A Plasmid DNA Encoding Plasmodium Falciparum SERA5 Polypeptide, Microbial Epitopes And Chemokine Genes In Mice And Olive Baboons.
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22016Anti-Schistosomal Activity Of Five Plant Extracts On Swiss White Mice Infected With Schistosoma Mansoni
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32016Phytochemical Analysis Of The Selected Five Plant Extracts
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42016Bioactivity And Toxicity Of Bridelia Micrantha, Chenopodium Ambrosoides And Ocimum Americanum Plant Extracts
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52016Capsular Polysaccharide From Mycoplasma Mycoides Subsp. Mycoides Shows Potential For Protection Against Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia
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62016Frequency Of Epstein-Barr Virus In Patients Presenting With Acute Febrile Illness In Kenya
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72016Immunological Responses Of Mice After Treatment With Ocimum Americanum Hexane And Bridelia Micrantha Water Plant Extracts
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82015Journal Of Parasitology Research
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92013Effects Of Chemokine Adjuvants On Safety And Immunogenicity Of Serine Repeat Antigen (SERA) DNA Malaria Vaccine Candodate In Olive Baboons (Papio Anubis)
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102013Effect Of Soil PH On Tunga Penetrans Population
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112013Plasmodium DNA Encording Aplasmodium Falciparan Sera5 Polypeptide Microbial Epitopes And Chemokin Genes Indicess Cross Species Protection In Mice And Olive Baboon
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122012Comparative Study Of The Distributions Used To Model Dispersion
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132009Assessing The Impact Of Biological Control Of Plutella Xylostella Through The Application Of Lotka–Volterra Model
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