Dr. Awuor Alex Ogacho Publications
12016Optical Characterization Of TiO2-bound (CuFeMnO4) Absorber Paint For Solar Thermal Applications
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22016Structural, Optical And Photoelectrochemical Properties Of Cuprous Oxide Synthesized By Low Temperature Thermal Oxidation
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32015Suppression Of Anatase To Rutile Phase Transformation Of Niobium Doped TiO2 Synthesized By High Temperature Diffusion Technique
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42015Controlled Texturing Of Aluminum Sheet For Solar Energy Applications
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52014Promotion Of PV Uptake And Sector Growth In Kenya Through Value Added Training In PV Sizing, Installation And Maintenance
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62013Alex Ogacho Alex Ogacho Niobium Doped TiO2 (Nb:TiO2) : Effects Of Doping Concentration On The Optical Properties Of TiO2
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72009Inorganic Solid State Solar Cell With Ultra-thin Nanocomposite Absorber Based On Nanoporous TiO2 And In2S3
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82006Thermal Shock Behaviour Of A Kaolinte Refractory Prepared Using A Natural Organic Binder
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92005Passivation Of TiO2 By Ultra-thin Alumina
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102003Thermal Conductivity Of A Kaolinite Refractory: Effect Of A Plant-derived Organic Binder
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