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Mr. Mr.nungu Joseph Musembi Publications
12010Education Policy Knowledge And Citizenship Enactment: A Study Of Global Agendas, Local Knowledges, And Citizen Actions.
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22010Universalizing Access To Primary Education In Kenya: Myths And Realities.
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32010Hardships For Rural Schools: Whose View Counts?
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42009Education For All And The Illusion Of Educational Achievement In Kenya.
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52009Policy From Below: Should The Experiences Of Teachers Working In Hardship Areas In Rural Schools In Kenya Count?
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62009The Politics Of Naming And The Challenge For Recruiting And Retaining Teachers For Rural Remote Schools In Kenya.
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72008Nungu, J.M. (2008). Homesickness As Quest. Phenomenology Online. Http://www.phenomenologyonline.com/articles/nungu.html
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82008Nungu, M. (2008). (Book Review) New Directions In African Education: Challenges And Possibilities. S. Nombuso Dlamini (Ed.), 2008. Calgary, AB: University Of Calgary Press. Journal Of Contemporary Issues In Education 3(1), 62-84.
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92008Repositioning Universities To Educate For Democratic Citizenship In Africa: The Case Of Kenya
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102008The Decline Of The Myopic American Imperial Project, The "Great Experiment" For Education, And A Conversation Beyond The Boundaries
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111999Affirmative Action And The Quest For University Education: The Case Of Kenya
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