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Dr. Mito Collins Omulo Publications
12015, A Study On The Response Of The Equatorial Ionization Anomaly Over The East Africa Sector During The Geomagnetic Storm Of November 13, 2012
Click to View Abstract
22014Evaluating MERIS-Based Aquatic Vegetation Mapping In Lake Victoria
Click to View Abstract
32014Features Of The Night-Time F-Region Currents Over Equatorial Africa (August, 2001)
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42013Assessment Of The Abnormal Growth Of Floating Macrophytes In Winam Gulf (Kenya) By Using MODIS Imagery Time Series
Click to View Abstract
52013Identification Of Night-Time F-Region Currents From CHAMP Satellite Observations Over Equatorial Africa
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62013Low Latitude Ionospheric Scintillation And Zonal Irregularity Drifts Observed With GPS-SCINDA System And Closely Spaced VHF Receivers In Kenya
Click to View Abstract
72013Comparison Of GPS TEC Variations With IRI-2007 TEC Prediction At Equatorial Latitudes During A Low Solar (2009-2011) Phase Over The Kenyan Region
Click to View Abstract
82012Comparison Of GPS TEC Measurements With IRI-2007 TEC Prediction Over The Kenyan Region During The Descending Phase Of Solar 23
Click to View Abstract
92012Using GPS-SCINDA Observations To Study The Correlation Between Scintillation, Total Electron Content Enhancement And Depletions Over The Kenyan Region
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102012Characterization Of Ionospheric GPS Total Electron Content (GPS-TEC) In Low Latitude Zone Over The Kenyan Region During A Very Low Solar Activity Phase
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112012A Simple Algorithm To Estimate Sensible Heat Flux From Remotely Sensed MODIS Data
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122010Effects Of TEC Disturbances On Satellite Tracking Using GPS-SCINDA Receiver Over The Kenyan Space
Click to View Abstract
132010Elimination Of Superimposed Multipath Effects On Scintillations Index On Solar Quiet Ionosphere At Low Latitude Over The Kenyan Airspace From A Lone Positioned SCINDA System.
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142009The Spectral Analysis Of X-Ray Binaries From The XMM-Newton Space Craft Data Using SAS Software
Click to View Abstract
152007SPH 405: Electrodynamics II
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162006Derivation Of Land Surface Temperatures From MODIS Data Using The General Split-window Technique.
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172003Pre-design Guidelines For Passive Solar Architectural Buildings In Kenya.
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182002Derivation Of Land Surface Temperatures From MODIS Data Using General Split-window Technique
Click to View Abstract
192001A General Split Window Algorithm For Land Surface Temperature Estimation
Click to View Abstract
202000Passive Solar Architectural Buildings In Mombasa (Kenya)
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211998Passive Solar Energy – Efficient Building Design In Kenya
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221998Development Of Pre – Design Guidelines For Passive Solar Energy – Efficient Buildings In Kenya
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