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Dr. Angeyo Hudson Kalambuka Publications
12013Characterization Of Sliding Spark Plasma Source For Direct Trace Spectronalysis
Click to View Abstract
22012Developments In Medical Elementology And Spectral Diagnostics Of Disease Via Chemometrics And Machine Learning Assisted Trace Spectroanalytics And Imaging Towards Applications In Nanomedicine
Click to View Abstract
32012Laser Induced Break Down Spectro-analysis An D Characterization Of Environmental Matrices Utilizing Multivariate Chemo Metrics
Click to View Abstract
42012Application Of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) To Multispectral Imaging Microscopy For Malaria Diagnosis
Click to View Abstract
52012Natural Radioactivity And External Dose In The High Background Radiation Area Of Lambwe East, Southwestern Kenya
Click to View Abstract
62012Feasibility For Direct Rapid Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) And Scattering Analysis Of Complex Matrix Liquids By Partial Least Squares
Click to View Abstract
72011Energy Dispersive X-Ray Florescence Analysis Of Mine Waters From The Migori Gold Mining Belt In Southern Nyanza, Kenya
Click to View Abstract
82011Estimation Of Radiative Forcing Due To Aerosols Over Selected Sites In Kenya
Click to View Abstract
92005Spectral Diagnostics Of The Sliding Spark Plasma
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102005Plasma-Radiative Modelling And Characterisation Of The Sliding Spark Discharge: Implications For Direct Dielectric Solid Trace Quantitative Spectroscopy.
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112005Trace Element Analysis By Sliding Spark Spectrometry
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122002Sliding Spark Spectrometry: A Pulsed Plasma Technique For The Direct Trace Element Analysis Of Non-conducting Solids And Dielectric Surface Layers.
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132002Sliding Spark Spectroscopy Of Sediment Samples.
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141998Optimization Of X-ray Fluorescence Elemented Analysis.
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151998Measurements Of Trace Elements Levels In Kenyan Cigarettes With Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluroscence Spectroscopy Technique
Click to View Abstract
161998Radio Isotope Photon Excited Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Technique For The Analysis Of Organic Matrices
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