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Dr Okumbe Joshua Abong'o Publications
12012Effectiveness Of Supervision And Inspection In Selected Secondary Schools In Kiambu District, Central Province, Kenya
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22001Okumbe, J.A., Human Resources Management: An Educational Perspective. Nairobi: Educational Development And Research Bureau, 2001.
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32000Okumbe, J.A., Management Of Change: The Role Of Educational Managers In Changing Educational Organisations. The Kenya Adult Educator, Vol.4, No. 2, 1999. Also In Press, Papers In Education And Development. Journal Of The Faculty Of Education, University O
Click to View Abstract
42000Okumbe,J.A. And Macharia, D. Managing The Learner Support System At The University Of Nairobi. The Kenya Adult Educator, Vol. 5, NO.l, 2000.
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52000Okumbe, J.A., Course Design And Development For Distance Higher Education: A Case Study Of University Of Nairobi, 2000", In Press UNESCO, Dakar.
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62000Okumbe, J.A., "Strengthening Primary And Secondary Education In Kenya: Implementation Capacity Assessment".World Bank And Government Of Kenya, 2000.
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72000Okumbe, J.A., Language Policy And Practices In Education: Perceptions Of Parents, Pupils And Teachers On The Use Of Mother Tongue, Kiswahili And English In Kenyan Primary Schools. In Press The Rockefeller Foundation, 2000.
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82000Okumbe, J.A., Motivating Teachers And Students In Secondary Schools: A Conceptual Model. Huria , Journal Of The Open University Of Tanzania, Vol. Ill, No. 1, 2000.
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91999Okumbe, J.A., "Management Of Higher Distance Education: A Case Study Of University Of Nairobi, 1999", In Press, UNESCO, Dakar.
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101998Okumbe J.A., Educational Management: Theory And Practice. Nairobi: Nairobi University Press
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111998Educational Management: Theory And Practice.
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121997Okumbe, J.A., Education And Development, University Of Nairobi, External Studies Lecture Series, 1997.
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131995Okumbe, Et.al. Access, Quality And Equity Issues In Education: Costs And Financing Of Secondary Education In Kenya, World Bank/Government Of Kenya Project.
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141994Okumbe, J. A., "Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Rewards: An Analysis Of The Motivation Levels Of Three Job Factors Among Graduate Teachers In Siaya And Kiambu Districts, Kenya".
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151993Okumbe, J.A. And Abagi, O., Financing Of Education In Kenya, UNDP/Govemment Of Kenya Project
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161993Okumbe, J.A. "Supervisory Management Course - Job Analysis And Description", Lecture Series Presented To Supervising Managers With The Kenya Posts And Telecommunications, At The KCCT, Nairobi, Kenya.
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171992Okumbe, J.A. "Human Resource Development Indicators (HRDI) - The Kenyan Experience", Paper Presented During The Informal Meeting Of Experts On Human Resources Development Indicators At The UNEP Headquaters, Nairobi, Kenya, December, 1992.
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181992Okumbe, J.A. "Educational Management And Administration", Lecture Series Presented During The Training Of Trainers (TOT) For School Administrators InNasir, Sudan
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191991Okumbe, J.A. "Teaching Practice: Management And Supervision. Paper Presented During The DSE/UoN Staff Development Workshop" In Jadini Beach Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya, .
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