Research Week 2020: Dr. Seija Karppinen Keynote Address

Dr. Seija Karppinen, University of Helsinki, Finland; will be making a keynote presentation during the 3rd Annual International Conference on Research and Innovation In Education (AICRIE) on Wednesday 14th October 2020 at 10am-11am. 

Topic: Topic: 21st Century Skills and Innovation pedagogy


Seija Karppinen is graduated from the department of crafts, clothing and design (Master of art, University of Helsinki, Finland). She has worked as a teacher in crafts in basic school and for more than twenty years as a lecturer in teacher education at the University of Helsinki in different departments (primary teacher education, crafts science, early childhood teacher education, and adult education). As well, she is delivering tuition in in-service education and supervising research work and PhD-students. She is interested in crafts and visual arts, designing, technology and the ways these all are connected to creativity, making and problem-solving. In her teaching, she highlights interdisciplinary approaches, collaborative learning, use of new technology, and innovative pedagogy. Her current studies focus among others on interdisciplinary teaching in different fields (basic education, teacher education, and in-service training). Special interest in her present teaching and studies is how e-textiles and technology-enhanced learning could be an issue to bring making culture, innovation, and interdisciplinary to school.

Dr. Seija Karppinen full profile