UoN Talents Day: Home of talents

In August 2020, the University management announced a comprehensive 5-point reform agenda aimed at transforming the University into a vibrant, relevant, and sustainable University.  Reform Agenda number 5 is “People-Focused Reforms”; under this agenda, the University aims to proactively identify and celebrate the talents and achievements of our staff and students. To this end, the university held the 1st Talent Day on Friday 12th March 2021 at Taifa Hall. The theme of the Day was “University of Nairobi the home of Talents.” The day provided a platform for staff and students to share their talents in music, dance, spoken word, ICT innovations, sport, engineering among others.

Students and staff from all the Colleges submitted their work under various categories, auditions were held on Tuesday 9th March and Wednesday 10th March 2021. The talents day organizing committee received hundreds of applications and picked the best out of the applications to present their talents on the inaugural day. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama officiated the event saying that the University is committed to nurturing talents; further stating “This is a first of many. From this day, this will be an annual event, that will start from each college holding its Talent day and then the winners can battle it out at the main event.” Deputy Vice-Chancellor- Academic Affairs, Prof. Ogeng’o further encouraged students and staff to showcase their God-given talent saying “The definition of a world-class University is inclusive of a concentration of talents, the University of Nairobi is a world-class university full of talented staff and students.

The College of Education and External Studies staff and students won in the following categories:

Category 4: Karate, Tae Kwondo, and Dance

Under this category, CEES had 2 entries: Group Dance (Kikuyu Campus) and 2 solo Dances (Kenya Science Campus). The Dance Crew were the overall winners and Denzel from Kenya Science also won in -the solo dance sub-category.

Category 5: Modelling and catwalk

Mercy Onyando a 4th-year student won the Miss Talent Day title.

General Category: Sylvia and Betty’s Swahili narrative won.

Under the staff Category, Mr. Kennedy Videdi presented his art in form of Paintings and caricatures.

 The University of Nairobi remains steadfast in the commitment to develop wholesome graduates who are gifted and resourceful. Congratulations to all participants!