Kisumu Campus

Kisumu Campus is a satellite campus of the University of Nairobi located in Kisumu City.  It was launched in 2015 and a Campus Director appointed.  It offers programmes of University of Nairobi.  Its existence has increased access to quality education especially for the people living in Western Kenya. 

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Although the Campus was established in 2015, it is important to note that the University of Nairobi has been present in Kisumu since 1957 when its Department of Extra Mural Studies opened the Kisumu Extra Mural Centre.  The Centre offered evening and adult learning programmes.

In 2007, the School of Business started offering its programmes in Kisumu.  The School of Law, School of Economics, School of Education and Faculty of Arts soon followed suit.  The Department of Extra Mural Studies also introduced degree programmes.  It is all these operations of the University of Nairobi in Kisumu that were organized into a Campus in 2015.

The Vision of the Campus is: A leading Campus promoting scholarly excellence

The Mission is: To provide quality training, learning, research and consultancy in education, humanities and social sciences by creating, preserving, transmitting and utilizing knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

In the current strategic plan period, the activities of the Campus will revolve around five strategic issues:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Resources, Facilities and Infrastructure
  3. Governance and Leadership
  4. Research, Consultancy, Innovation and Technology
  5. Competitiveness and Image of Kisumu Campus

Arising from the strategic issues, the following five strategic objectives will be pursued during the plan period:

  1. To produce quality and holistic graduates in education, humanities and social sciences
  2. To expand and prudently manage the Campus resources
  3. To manage the Campus efficiently and effectively
  4. To contribute to the development of society through creation, dissemination, application and storage of knowledge
  5. To enhance the image of the Campus for competitiveness

The Campus will continue to grow student numbers.  It will offer diverse programmes, introduce new ones and continuously review existing ones.  It will continue aggressive resource mobilization from traditional as well as new sources.  Collaborative arrangements will be sought with other like-minded institutions in and out of the country.

By maintaining focus on the strategic issues identified, the Campus will make exemplary progress towards its vision.